The PlayStation 5 launch is Sony’s biggest ever

PlayStation 4 was a very popular console that has sold over 100 million copies. Whether the sequel will do just as well remains to be seen, but PlayStation 5 has at least opened very strong.

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On Twitter, Sony says that the new console, which arrived in Norway on November 19, has topped the launch figures for PlayStation 4. Exactly how many machines have been sold, the company has not released, but in comparison, 2.1 million PlayStation 4 machines went out the door during the first two weeks of the console.

Coming more before Christmas

As with the Xbox Series X, gaming fans have noticed the PlayStation 5’s popularity in somewhat unfortunate ways. The console is almost impossible to obtain, and according to Sony, the demand is greater than the company has ever experienced.

For all those who are still waiting for the chance to secure a PlayStation 5, Sony assures that more is on the way. It is confirmed that a new charge will be released before the end of the year, and the company asks people to contact their local dealers to find out what is happening.

The promise comes amid a series of announcements about organized groups that joined forces to snatch as many PlayStation 5s as possible on launch day. A gang BusinessInsider has been in contact with boasts of having secured almost 3,500 consoles, all of which will go on sale.

Also here in Norway have more put its PlayStation 5 up for sale on marketplaces such as These are often sold for many times the ordinary price, and some have set the price tag as high as NOK 50,000 for the console, which costs NOK 5,500 in the store.

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