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The Phenomenon of Parallel Planets Can Still Be Seen Until When?


For those who have missed witnessing the phenomenon parallel planets on June 24, 2022 yesterday, no need to worry. In fact, this unique phenomenon can still be witnessed in the days after.

Parallel Planets Can Be Witnessed Until When?

According to the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN), the parallel planet phenomenon can still be witnessed until the end of June 2022. Researcher at the LAPAN Center for Space Science and the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) Andi Pangerang also explained in detail the schedule for the phenomenon of parallel planetary configurations. this.

Initially, five parallel planets or quintet conjunctions consisting of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn have been visible since June 4, 2022 yesterday. However, the distance between Venus and Mars was still far away at that time.

“This quintet conjunction will end on June 19, so there are 15 days of observations that can be witnessed in the east,” he explained, as quoted from the LAPAN page, Sunday (26/6/2022).

The phenomenon of parallel planets is then followed by a different formation, precisely the conjunction of sects or six celestial bodies. There are six planets that will appear aligned from June 20 to tomorrow, Monday June 27 2022.

“There are 8 days (observation of rare phenomena), it’s a conjunction of sects or sky parades. There are 6 celestial bodies here, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon,” said Andi.

However, Andi added, actually Uranus was also included in the ranks of the planets in that period. Thus, the phenomenon parallel planets at that time it can also be called the conjunction of the septet or the seven parallel planets.

However, Uranus’ light is dimmer than other planets. So, if you want to see Uranus directly, you need a telescope with a lens of at least 10 cm.

“Because Uranus only has a brightness of +5.9, if the sky conditions are quite dim without light pollution, it can actually be seen. In urban areas, the +4.7 brightness limit requires a telescope, the telescope is small, measuring 10 cm,” he said. .

It doesn’t stop there, the parallel planet phenomenon will also continue until June 28-30. At that time, Andi said, the planetary configuration returned to its previous formation, namely the conjunction of a quintet or five parallel planets namely, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

According to Andi, the best time to see the planets aligned above is at dawn or 72 minutes before sunrise to 24 minutes before sunrise.

When Will Parallel Planet Phenomenon Be There Again?

Each planet has a different rotation time. Quoted from the Southwestern University page, Mercury orbits the sun every 88 Earth days, Venus every 225 days, Mars every 687 days, Jupiter every 12 years, and Saturn every 29 years.

Thanks to the different rotation times of the planets, the phenomenon of parallel planets can only be seen again in 2041. Phenomenon parallel planets this is a rare phenomenon that can only be witnessed once every 18 to 19 years. Have you managed to capture this phenomenon, detikers?

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