The Persecuted Permata Buana Residents Are Ready If Re-mediated


Police open mediation opportunities in an effort to resolve cases related to residents Gem of the World, Hartono Prasetya alias Toni (64), who feels being persecuted by officers and other citizens. The victim’s attorney, Oktavianus Rasubala, said his client was ready to take another route to mediation if needed.

“We still want mediation. We are not anti-mediation like that,” Oktavianus said when met, Friday (10/8/2021).

Oktavianus hopes that later if mediation is carried out again, they will find a common solution. Because according to him, several times, Toni’s client did mediation but it didn’t work properly.

He said, if later at the mediation stage no solution was found, the case would continue to take legal action. Oktavianus said that if the portal in the area was closed later it would be a matter for the government.

“That’s the government’s business. We’ll continue with the crime. Portal matters are the local government’s business. If they want to port the area, that could be a peaceful solution, right, that’s my client’s request. Specifically, it’s traffic flow. know there are restrictions on portals,” he explained.

As previously reported, the police opened up opportunities for mediation in an effort to resolve cases related to Permata Buana resident Hartono Prasetya alias Toni (64), who felt he was being persecuted by officers and other residents. The police provide a wide opportunity for the parties to deliberation.

“Yes you can (attempts) restorative justiceSo, if that’s the case, we will open the widest possible opportunity if the parties want to hold deliberations,” said West Jakarta Police Criminal Investigation Unit Commissioner Joko Dwi Harsono when contacted, Wednesday (6/10/2021).

Joko said Toni’s report is currently still running at the West Jakarta Metro Police. So far, the police are still investigating.

“It’s still running in the police. Until now, no criminal element has been found, we are still investigating it,” he said.

Previously, Toni reported to the police about the alleged eviction by RT and several local residents. Toni admitted that his house was visited by RT and several residents.

What is suspected to be the root of the problem is Toni’s letter regarding the road in front of his residence. The letter was addressed to the Mayor of West Jakarta.

“So there are RT-RT elements and the community. Not only one RT, there are how many, come and force their way into people’s yards in a locked state,” said Toni’s lawyer, Oktavianus Rasubala, when contacted, Monday (4/10).

According to Oktavianus, his client’s house was visited by several residents and RT. Oktavianus said that the incident against his client was like a demonstration.

“(Toni) inside the fence, in the yard at home, the gate was shaken, like a demonstration,” he said.

West Jakarta Metro Police are still investigating the case. The police have now examined 11 witnesses.

Watch the video ‘Moment of Permata Buana Residents ‘Demonstrated’ by Persons Gegara Protests Road’:

[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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