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Minister Orders Shooting of Wild Buffalo After Farmer’s Death: Breaking News

Minister has given instructions to shoot wild buffalo-Wild Buffalo|Manorama news|Manorama Online|Breaking News|Latest News Farmer’s death incident: Minister has given instructions to shoot wild buffalo

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Published: March 05 , 2024 08:19 PM IST

Updated: March 05, 2024 08:29 PM IST

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Minister A.K.Saseendran, Image∙Manorama

Kozhikode – In the case of a farmer being killed in a wild animal attack in Koorachund, the Forest Minister A.K. Sashindran. He was not able to reach the incident site because he was undergoing treatment in the hospital. Senior officials of the forest department will reach the spot. He also informed that surveillance will be strengthened.

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“Measures will be intensified to protect people’s lives. More officers were ordered to be sent to the area. It has also been directed to give the assistance money within 48 hours. The Collector has been instructed to intensify surveillance at the incident site. The locals’ demand for a permanent system is reasonable. The government will take steps for it as soon as possible” – said the minister.

Palaty Abraham (69) was attacked by a wild buffalo in the farm. The incident happened in the evening. Abraham was admitted to the hospital but died. At the same time, the residents said that wild buffaloes are constantly coming down in the area. Tired of complaining to officials. Locals alleged that there is no system to drug the wild buffaloes that have come to the country.

English Summary:

Urgent Action Promised After Tragic Wild Buffalo Attack Claims Life of Koorachund Farmer

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