The other Afghan boy, poisoned by toadstools, died

The second of two little Afghan brothers, who were poisoned by mushrooms at a Polish refugee center last week, also died. According to the daily Gazeta Wyborcza, Katarzyna Gardzińská, a spokeswoman for the children’s clinic in Warsaw, where doctors tried in vain to save the children’s lives, announced this on Friday afternoon.

The first of the boys, five-year-old Ali, died on Thursday. When announcing his death, the director of the clinic, Marek Migdal, immediately stated that his six-year-old brother Mustafa also has a very small chance of survival. After the poisoning, the boy underwent a demanding liver transplant from a relative, but even though the organ was working, the victim’s central nervous system failed.

In recent days, several Afghans have been poisoned in two different Polish refugee facilities with mushrooms, which they collected to diversify their diet. The boys’ 17-year-old sister also got poisoned, but she was released from the hospital on Wednesday.

The Afghan family was poisoned on August 24 – the day after the evacuation from Kabul – with a green toadstool, considered the most dangerous and poisonous fungus in Europe and North America. Adult members were hospitalized in other hospitals, but their condition was not as serious.

The family gathered mushrooms in the forest around the refugee center in Podkow Leśná near Warsaw. Poland evacuated the family from Afghanistan at the request of Britain, her father worked for the British.

Polish media also reported mushroom poisoning by four other Afghans at a center in Linina south of Warsaw.



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