the new season of “Through the thorns to …” has begun

“Do you even know where you are? A 20-pound woman is standing up, writhing, can’t stand and will she still teach me about life? Beer!” Anastasia is angry.

Elina is also not silent and does not allow herself to be beaten, because she lives according to her mother’s advice: if you hit, you have to give back.

As the group of women gets bigger and bigger, more and more conflicts arise: Anastasia will have something to say about Gunita, a mother of three, who is too diligent with her makeup, who “falls like sand from her eyes” when the lady blinks. Even before the project really starts, there will also be a flood of tears: Elina, under the influence of alcohol, will simply feel sad and shed tears like beans, while Maria, who in the project wants to overcome past sins and indifference , sends a particularly emotional farewell to the four-legged animal. It will have to be left in the caring hands of his girlfriend while the hostess participates in the project. Ieva, raised in a family of alcoholics, has been using intoxicating substances since the age of 12 and already in the first minutes of the project with her hyperactivity and constant chatter, she too cries with her colleague.

It has already been reported that from September 15 on Thursdays at 21:00, the fifth anniversary season of the social project “Through the thorns to …” comes to the public with shocking life stories, unexpected surprises and hopes for a better future. It will be full of experiences, as women will begin their journey towards change from a relatively low point: they will put themselves in the shoes of the prisoners of Olaine Prison, where they will learn to recognize the harder side of life. Next, they will go to Brukna, which has been chosen as their home by many addicted people, so that they can see the true meaning of life under the leadership of Pastor Andrejas Mediņš. After passing the tests, they will end up in a luxurious villa on the Sigulda side, where they will work together with experts to implement future plans.

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