The neighbors give me a wide berth

Dorota Gardias, infected with the coronavirus, had a serious illness – she spent a week in the hospital under oxygen. It was accompanied by tremendous pain in the chest and many other symptoms that caused great discomfort.

– I had muscle pain, back pain, skin tenderness, my stomach hurt, internal organs hurt, and what was a total novelty for me when it comes to pain sensations, I couldn’t move my eyes, because my eye muscles literally hurt – she said in the program “Stars without masks “weatherwoman.

Although Gardias has already returned home, many of her neighbors avoid her. – They give me a wide berth, but I am not surprised, I am not angry, I do not even regret it, because this virus is still completely unknown. I am not offended, she emphasized.

When the TVN star was taken to the hospital, the block where he lives was completely disinfected. Gardias thinks it’s good. – It should be like that all the time. We don’t know it, we have the right to be afraid – she said.

On Thursday morning, the Ministry of Health informed about over 12,000. new cases of coronavirus. This is the most since the epidemic started.

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