The moment Chiellini violates Saka makes Mourinho amazed


Giorgio Chiellini commit a professional violation of Bukayo Saka, to prevent the British from gaining an advantage. That moment makes Jose Mourinho amazed.

Violation moment Giorgio Chiellini to Bukayo Saka it happened at the end of the normal time of the final partai Euro 2020 at Wembley, Monday (12/7/2021) early in the morning WIB. The 36-year-old defender was passed by Saka, but then he didn’t let it go winger Arsenal darted by pulling his shirt.

Chiellini was indeed shown a yellow card, but he made the right decision to avoid taking a bigger risk for Italy. AS Roma manager Jose Mourinho salute the totality and ingenuity of the Juventus defender.

The moment he called illustrates the toughness of the Italian defense, which was guarded Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci.

“What Chiellini did with Saka showed it all. He made his only mistake of the game, losing momentum on the turnaround. Saka looked like he was going to go, ‘We’re not going anywhere, you stay close to me, this shirt is mine and you’re not going anywhere. everywhere’,” said Jose Mourinho to talkSPORT quoted Football Italia.

“He knows what he’s doing. This is a picture of a top defender and a smart guy. I played Juventus with Manchester United a few seasons ago and after the game at Old Trafford I said something like: these two guys (Chiellini-Bonucci) have to go to the University of Sport and teach how to be a centre-back.”

“Even a few years later, they are still able to do this. Maybe Chiellini can’t do it every three days, sometimes he needs rest, sometimes he has minor injuries like at the start of the competition. But they are both ready to be at the highest level,” said the former manager of Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Manchester United.

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