The Ministry of Health plan to protect school students from Corona infection … Infographic

The seventh day publishes the details of the Ministry of Health and Population plan to prevent school and university students from Corona infection with the start of the new school year.

The plan included a set of tips to protect against Corona infection among students, as it came as follows:

1) Wash your hands frequently with soap and water to prevent infectious diseases.
2) Social distancing between students is taken into consideration when standing in the morning queue for the school.
3) Welcome your colleagues from shaking hands or kissing.
4) Do not touch the school ladder letter unless necessary.
5) Eat healthy foods, and make sure to get plenty of rest.
6) Be sure to use your school medicine, and do not touch other people’s tools.
7) Leave your distance from others.
8) Stay away from crowded places.
9) Do light exercise in the morning.
10) Classroom natural ventilation is always better.


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