Nature reserve in Thailand sends waste from campers by …

After numerous visitors left large amounts of waste in Khao Yai National Park near Bangkok over the weekend, Environment Minister Unmengen Varawut Silpa-archa has had the waste packed and mailed to the polluters. “We have collected your waste in a box and send it to your address. That will teach you not to just throw rubbish everywhere, ”says the enclosed note.

The park authorities had written down the names and addresses of the campers. In addition to the box with their trash, they are registered with the local police for violations of national park laws, news site The Thaiger reported.

The minister said there were plenty of rubbish bins in the nature reserve, but visitors had not used them. “The authorities make everything necessary for visitors. They only have to come here to enjoy the wonderful nature ”, says Varawut. “We didn’t think they would leave so much garbage behind.”

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