The Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo Daniel Panov: The caretaker government is delaying procedures. GERB knows the name of its presidential candidate

Daniel Panov

The chairman of the National Association of Municipalities and mayor of Veliko Tarnovo Daniel Panov told BTV that the caretaker government of Rumen Radev and in particular some of the ministries were delaying coordination procedures.

“Our working relationship with the caretaker government is absolutely normal.

We work with the caretaker government, as we did with the previous cabinets. We contact the caretaker Prime Minister directly when there are deadlines and procedures that are delayed. We have normal official relations, except for delays in some coordination procedures, without specifying in which areas and in which ministries, “said Daniel Panov.

As the regional coordinator of GERB, he also commented on the topic of the party’s presidential candidate. According to him, the party already knows who the elevated couple will be.

“The GERB party knows the presidential candidate at the moment. We expect him to be officially announced. I think the right candidate will be announced. We must be patient,” said the mayor of Veliko Tarnovo.

Asked whether it is possible for him to be the candidate for president of GERB, Panov announced: I have enough commitments at the moment not only as mayor, but also as chairman of the National Association of Municipalities, which I promised the citizens of Veliko Tarnovo to fulfill by the end of mandate.



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