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The comedy movie “The Little Assistant of the Queen” produced by Universal Pictures will be available in major domestic theaters on January 15. In the latest starring special released by the film, Dakota Johnson, “Damei”, appeared and talked about the character and desires of McGee. McGee’s brave dream-catching posture in the film will undoubtedly resonate with the majority of workers. May wish to meet on the big screen on January 15 and let “The Queen’s Assistant” cheer for the new year’s workplace life!

The little rookie also has a big dream.

“McGee is brilliant and talented, and her ambition is to become a producer.” In the starring special released this time, Dakota Johnson commented on her role. Although the assistant job of Grace Davis, the singer queen, is enough to make many people dream of it, McGee still has a greater vision for her future. In addition to dealing with various trivial matters set by Grace, She is also busy making music and making live albums for Grace, hoping to get advanced opportunities with her talents. Is the overbearing boss Grace willing to give her this opportunity? How will McGee avoid messing up this two-headed job? The development of various twists and turns will be presented on the big screen one by one.

The little rookie also has a big dream.

McGee in “The Queen’s Assistant” is trying to gain a foothold in the music industry, which is a field dominated by men and despise women, for which she must meet new challenges. Not only want to maintain the current state, but also need to continue to try or even hit a wall for the ideal. This dilemma and encounters many constraints, presumably many professionals will think that after reading it. Although “Little Assistant of the Queen” tells the story of the entertainment industry, many situations of the film’s characters are also applicable to the workplace. After watching the film, the audience is bound to understand the way of getting along in the workplace, between the boss and the subordinates. How to live in harmony and other issues, to produce a deeper understanding.

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The little rookie also has a big dream.

As early as when he read the script for the first time, Dakota Johnson was attracted by the role of McGee, “My heart was pounding, and I was amused. When I read the script, I never felt that she compromised or Be compromised, or belittle yourself.” In addition, she said that she is an out-and-out music enthusiast in her life. “I just love music for a lifetime, because I love it is pure love.” The high degree of compatibility between actors and roles creates The outstanding performance during the shooting of “Damei” has also won unanimous praise from other creators. The screenwriter Flora Gleason made no secret of her love for “Damei”, thinking that she played McGee in her mind very well: “Seeing this character come alive, become a laugh with me, and I empathize with people who are connected by flesh and blood. It’s crazy.” Director Nissa Garnett also believes that McGee, as a young man who has just entered the workplace, is extremely empathetic, which is inseparable from the emotional interpretation of “Damei”. : “Dakota gave McGee a strong rustic atmosphere and charm, which made her resonate easily.”

The little rookie also has a big dream.

Regarding the final presentation of the film, “Damei” mentioned in the special episode that “The Queen’s Assistant” was “fun, funny, and heart-warming”, and some foreign media praised the film as “a female devil who wears Prada.” “Head” is a light-hearted comedy of spirit, a movie that can awaken your passion and motivation.” In addition, the domestic professional film media also praised the film “It is good-looking, good-sounding, fun, sweet and healing. It will make people feel good when watching it in the New Year.” The authoritative film website Douban Movies was also “relaxed, happy and uncompressed.” “Romantic comedy” temperament was impressed. After experiencing a special 2020, I believe that all the audience who walked into the theater will be able to reap the long-awaited relaxation and refreshment from “The Queen’s Assistant” and start a brand new 2021 with this passion.

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On January 15th, the rookie worker’s dream-catching plan will be staged soon. Get ready to watch “Little Assistant of the Queen” in the theater!


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