Silbereisen: Shitstorm despite dream rate

Success. With an average of 7.49 million viewers and a market share of 22.9 percent, Florian Silbereisen (38) with his debut as a dream ship captain even managed to top the Christmas show of his ex-girlfriend Helene Fischer (35). This had an average of almost six million viewers.

Häme. But despite the supposed success, the network makes fun of the neo-actor. The Twitter community, in particular, has a lot of fun taking a close look at the musician’s performance and talking about it. The authors were all on crack, ”commented one user. Another mocked himself about a scene in which the captain newcomer looks into the distance with binoculars. “My favorite scene in the dream ship with Florian Silbereisen alias Max Parger as captain is when he looks very competently at the roller blind with binoculars,” writes an amused fan. Even colleagues made fun of: “Dear God, let Switch reloaded and me Florrrrrian Silbereisen as a spaceship captain, “says actor Michael Kessler.

Convinced. In addition to the mockery, Florian Silbereisen also garnered praise. “I thought it was great,” wrote a fan on Instagram. “Everything completely new. A bit of getting used to, but it worked! Ahoy, captain, ”wrote a fan. The reactions are mixed. The ZDF is definitely the big winner, because with the celebrity bonus it attracted more viewers than ever before. An allusion to Helene Fischer could not be missing, of course: “The hardest thing is to let go of a great love and not lose yourself,” remarked Captain Parger in his big speech at a gala evening.

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