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The leader of Rammstein called his new group the Russian abusive word

To repeat its name and not to pervert censorship in the millstone turned out only to the iconic Russian writer Viktor Pelevin.


Feb 16, 2020.
/ LIVE24 /.

Till Lindemann didn’t have time to take a breath from last year’s ambitious releases – the new albums of his groups (directly by Rammstein and – Lindemann), as his severe muse required new achievements. And now, it became known that the charismatic German is launching a new project.

As part of his new team, Lindemann will try to properly work on “electronic” sound. The first such application has already been made – Till managed to put on the net a fresh track from the new album.

Critics appreciated the unequivocal “electrician” of the composition and even tried to identify the sound in terms of genre orientation.

Thus, the new track by all indications relates to EBM, a slightly relaxed post-industrial and, according to most fans and experts, is similar to the work of Laibach.

Everything would be fine, but Lindemann’s Russian-speaking audience was more excited not by the peppy marches and flashes of ambient music in the track, but … the name of the new group.

For objective reasons, LIVE24 cannot give an example and publish this naming sample on the verge. As a compromise, we will use the method proposed by RG.RU and cite a cult Russian writer whose images from the books of which could well become an inspiration for Lindemann himself. So, Victor Pelevin in the novel “Love for the Three Zuckerbins” as a definition of the word by which the German musician called his new group, cites the following:

“The circumstantially definitive adverb of a place, measure, purpose and method, formed from a word in the letter“ x ”, written together with the preposition“ on “”

In this case, Lindemann invective is written in Latin characters and separately.

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