The last image of Kadir Şeker has appeared! Blood trace at right pocket level

The Konya Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office collected all the evidence regarding the murder and sent it to the Police Criminal Division and the Forensic Medicine Institute. Police, View Kadir’s Full Profile He made a security camera research in the park and the surrounding area where the incident occurred. Since it is evening time, there was no security camera view in the park and its surroundings.


According to the news of Halit Turan from Sabah Newspaper; However, the investigation revealed footage of Kadir recorded on the tram before the murder. According to those images in the investigation file; Kadir, who worked in the library, took a tram with a backpack. Kadir, who goes to the study center to win the medical school, seems to get off the tram from the city center at the Piri Reis tram stop in Yazır district to go to his aunt’s house.


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In the expression of KADİR Şeker “The man continued to hold it by my throat. The heel of my boat was put on my back. I think I fell on the floor, the man fell towards me. I did not fall right on me, I think I remember it. Man thought I felt pain in my hand. and I saw blood on the knife. “

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It is thought that Kadir wore on the day of the incident and in the examination made on the coat in the forensic body, there was intense blood at the right pocket level of the coat and this blood originated from the incision in the hands of Kadir. Whether the blood drops at chest level also belong to Özgür Duran is being investigated. If traces of blood are found in Montta Özgür Duran, it will be determined that there was a romp and the blade stuck to Duran while Kadir was falling.

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According to the results from the Forensic Medicine Institute, an indictment will be prepared.


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