The hair of the little British woman has grown by 25 cm in a year

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Lottie Butchelor

Now the hair of a one-year-old child is equal to the length of her six-year-old sister’s. People unfamiliar with the family believe that the girl is older than her age.

Last year, a girl named Lottie Batchelor was born in the UK, whose hair grew by 25 cm during the first year of her life. Lottie had curls from birth. The tabloid writes about it Daily Mail.

The girl’s mother, Emily Batchelor, says it takes her daughter 45 minutes to get her hair done every morning.
It is noted that a 28-year-old British woman had a child after eight miscarriages. In this regard, doctors talk about the girl’s anomaly.

“The doctors said that we might never be able to have a baby again, and we need to think about artificial insemination. So it’s amazing that we managed to conceive Lottie on our own. She’s our little miracle,” said Emily.

The woman also noted that everyone in the hospital was surprised by the dark and thick hair of her newborn daughter.

Recall last year in Jordan a girl with record long hair was born.

The owner of the longest hair in the world got a short haircut

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