The grass in “Krasno selo” flourished over 1 m – the mayoress does not mow (Obzor)

The Sofia municipality stops the money and takes over instead of Rosina Stanislavova, so that it can be sprayed against ticks

The Krasno Selo district of Sofia is left without funds for mowing, after the grass around the blocks there passed one meter.

The mowing of green areas should be organized by the regional mayor Rosina Stanislavova. Due to the delay, the Sofia Municipality will stop funding Krasno Selo for this activity and in the 6 districts of the region it will be carried out by the Municipal Directorate for Green Systems, said the Deputy Mayor for Ecology of Sofia Desislava Bileva.



“We do not like what is happening here. We have ordered all mayors of districts in the capital to mow so that we can do the second treatment against ticks on schedule. We have given the mayors until May 18. I made a tour of the regions and here – in “Krasno Selo”, the situation is the worst. The grass is over 1 meter “, Bileva was indignant after checking the situation in the” Hippodrome “neighborhood – part of” Krasno Selo “yesterday.

Of the 6 neighborhoods in the area, only Borovo has been mowed, but about 30% of the area.

Therefore, at the insistence of Mayor Yordanka Fandakova, the funds for mowing the green areas in the area will be stopped and redirected to the municipal directorate, which will carry out the activities. Fandakova herself also described the case in Krasno Selo on her Facebook account: “Due to the failure of the region with the obligation to mow the inter-block spaces, the activity will be carried out by the Sofia Municipality.” He adds that because of this it cannot be treated against ticks.

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Krasno Selo region is responsible for the maintenance of 650 decares of green areas. For this activity every year he receives from the Sofia Municipality 380 thousand BGN

about BGN 30,000 are applied for mowing.

It is these funds that will not be transferred.

“Obviously, the Krasno Selo region is not coping, despite the letters with instructions we have sent,” Bileva said. A statement of findings will also be drawn up from the inspection.

Municipal teams also found delays in mowing in the Triaditsa, Nadezhda and Lozenets districts. However, the mayors there took measures to catch up.

Each metropolitan area can choose whether to sign a contract with a company for mowing and maintenance of green areas, or to form its own unit of people to do it. Most districts chose to form their own units.

Bileva explained that so far the mayor Rosina Stanislavova has not sought assistance from the Sofia Municipality to fulfill its obligations. Last year, the municipality also had to intervene after reports from citizens of tall grasses and ticks. There were many signals again this year.

This can be seen in the Facebook group of the Krasno Selo region – initiative and decisions for the future.

“Madam Mayor, I hope you have no children or grandchildren – there is a danger of losing them …

between blocks 30, 31, 32, 51st SU, “Billa”, etc. in the Hippodrome, writes Silvia Genova, who posted a photo of a child against the background of grass over his height.

With us – “Borovo”, bl. 8, not mowed at all, the jungle is around the playground. I sent signals, but there was no reaction. That they mowed in April is a complete lie. The situation is bordering on tragedy already … Not to mention the potholes and sidewalks! ”, Complains Silvia Tsvetkova. A man writes that he is considering mowing in front of the entrance.

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In February, it became clear that Stanislavova was

conflict of interest,

having appointed her daughter as a collaborator in the Social Patronage project in May 2020. With this decision, the Sofia Administrative Court upheld the decision of KPKONPI.

Stanislavova was fined BGN 5,000 and another BGN 121.59, which is her daily salary for May 29, 2020. She then signed the order appointing her daughter Gabriela. The decision is not final and is being appealed to the SAC.

This is not her only conflict of interest case. Stanislavova was sanctioned with BGN 15,000 for appointing herself as the head of the social patronage project. The court has not yet ruled on it. Then the DB, which nominated her in the local elections in 2019, denied the mayor and donated to “SOS Children’s Villages” the amount she refused to reimburse.

There are also files against Stanislavova in the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office after an inspection by KPKONPI in November last year. She concluded that the materials should be handed over to the state prosecution because there was evidence of corruption. One of the areas of the inspection was for actions related to the public procurement for the repair of transport infrastructure, and the other – that people are hired as social assistants without performing actual activities. The implementation of the municipal program “Hot Lunch”, signals for intentional delay of building permits and other permits were also checked.

Residents of the area protested against the broken streets, after it became clear that in the last 2 years the funds for repairs have not been used.

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