The first Volkswagen ID.3 cars arrive in Latvia

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The first Volkswagen ID.3 cars arrive in Latvia “>

Just a week after ID.3 1st launch of supplies in Germany all 50 exclusive ID.3 1st cars intended for the Baltic market have reached Latvia. In the coming days ID.3 1st cars will be delivered to customers. This unique and highly anticipated Volkswagen The MEB model is the first to be produced on a new MEB platform specifically designed for electric cars. Volkswagen ID.3 1st Production in Europe is limited to 30,000 cars, but only 50 cars were available for early booking in the Baltics. Pre – sale ID.3 series models in Latvia will start soon.

As a gift of thanksgiving from Volkswagen all ID.3 1st customers will receive a free recharge card for use of 2,000 kWh or up to 600 euros at public charging stations. In addition, owners who choose to regularly share factory reviews on ID.3 1st, will receive an additional benefit – free of charge ID. Charger home charger with charging up to 11kW and its installation worth 1,000 euros. All ID.3 1st models will receive a five-year warranty and the battery an eight-year warranty. Volkswagen will guarantee that these batteries will retain at least 70% of their usable capacity even after eight years or 160,000 kilometers.

Receiving the first ID.3 cars is a historic moment for the Volkswagen brand. ID.3 is the basis of Volkswagen’s mission to ensure emission-free mobility for all. And this is just the beginning! We are extremely grateful to all our customers in Latvia who trusted us. We look forward to seeing ID.3 1st cars will reach their owners.

Ilze Grase-Ķibilde, CEO of Volkswagen and Audi car importer

ID.3 sets new sustainability standards – production is carbon neutral, which means that cars are delivered to customers without negative effects on the environment. For instance, ID.3 only environmentally friendly energy is used to produce batteries. Volkswagen has created the first cost-effective and affordable electric car that is environmentally friendly throughout its life cycle because it does not emit CO2 emissions, both in the production and operation process, if the customer charges with environmentally friendly electricity.

ID.3 1st The exclusive model is equipped with the most requested configuration by customers – a 58 kWh battery with a single charge mileage of up to 420 km (WLTP), which generates 150 kW (204 PS) and provides a maximum torque of 310 Nm. Already basic ID.3 1st version is very well equipped, including front seat and steering wheel heating, fast charging with 100kW direct current (DC) or 11kW alternating current, natural voice control and ID. Light – an intelligent system that visually communicates with the driver and assists in the driving process as well as in the use of navigation. In addition ID.31st will be a smart assistant on the road, as adaptive cruise control (ACC) is available as standard, lane keeping assistant Lane Assist, frontal collision warning assistant Front Assist, parking distance control and dynamic road sign recognition system.

ID.3 1st Plus The version is additionally equipped with a rear view camera, keyless access and engine start system Keyless Advanced, Matrix LED headlamps and rear LED for headlamps with a dynamic turn signal. In turn, in the more advanced version of the model ID.3 1st Max an augmented reality display (AR), a large panoramic roof are also included, and this range of equipment is complemented by a semi-autonomous driving assistance system Travel Assist, including Side Assist lane change assistant and Emergency Assist, which can help prevent serious accidents in critical circumstances.

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It was not so long that ID.3 from Norway arrived in Latvia. I know these are special models, and I know they’re not as advanced as VW promised at first, but they’re here. Ordinary ID.3 so delivered to customers starting in the spring. Patience. Everything will be. Which one did I go to? I can’t wait to see these on Latvian roads. It already seems to me that the Tesla Model 3 is a popular car in Latvia. It seems that every time I am on the streets of Riga I see someone. I believe that around this time next year will be the same with ID.3.

It should not be forgotten that ID.4 is already in production. What we also know is called the Škoda Enyaq iV. I believe that there will be a huge demand for it.

I am currently sitting and waiting for an invitation to sit at the wheel of ID.3 in my e-mail. I have already seen on the Facebook platform that someone in Latvia has managed to leave with their own 1st Edition.

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The first Volkswagen ID.3 cars arrive in Latvia 1

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