Deputies, Ministry: “110 thousand assigned, no boom. Fixed-term positions are 130 thousand”

The data relating to substitutes for the school year that has just begun are entirely in line with those of a year ago. There is, in fact, no boom.

This was announced by the Ministry of Education, specifying that in particular, the fixed-term positions, according to the survey carried out to date by the Ministry, are, this year, just over 130 thousand.

To cover them, to date, they have already been done over 110 thousand assignments, thanks to the work of the local areas and educational institutions, concentrated above all in the Regions that have already broken down.

In detail: they are 66.654 the posts currently remaining available after the permanent recruitment phase. These are places that were budgeted, in the face of the progressive exhaustion of the rankings of the previous competitions and those that are exhausted, and which are intended to be covered by the insolvency procedures that have already been banned, despite the emergency period from Covid-19.

The places announced with the competitions are 78mila. The tests will start in October.

In particular, analyzing the data, i 66,654 places they are real substitutes: in the absence of the full teacher, he is replaced with a substitute teacher. With fixed-term contracts, the 14,142 places of so-called de facto staff, which are activated in addition, every year, in response to the needs of the territories (for example for the splitting of classes necessary when, for various reasons, pupils increase).

Then there are 51,351 exemptions on support. Here, too, there are more places given every year (by way of derogation, in fact) to meet the needs of female students and students with disabilities.

This year there is also, concludes the Ministry, the staff for the emergency, which is to be considered separately as it is extraordinary and linked to an exceptional period. These are additional positions, always on a fixed-term basis, never activated in the past, which result in an increase in the staff available for schools and job opportunities for teachers.

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