Ferrari Portofino M is a modernized baby ferrari. It has a more powerful engine and a new transmission

The modernized Portofino received technology from its new brother, a closed Roma model. However, the design of the technically related pair remains original.

Ferrari Portofino is a coupe-convertible of the Maranello carmaker, which for years has served as the basic model of the brand. Last year, however, it was completed by the Ferrari Roma coupe, which used the same basis, but with a few innovations. As part of the modernization, they are now also being taken over by Portofino, which now calls Ferrari Portofino M to emphasize innovation.

At first glance, you will recognize the car by its redesigned appearance. Although the changes are decent at first glance, primarily the front bumper with differently shaped cooling holes and a different mask and the rear bumper with a differently shaped diffuser have changed, but the result is a noticeably more aggressive look. At the same time, however, it helps the car’s aerodynamics.

In any case, the Portofino M remains a distinctive model, which differs from the technically related Roma coupe not only in name but also in appearance. Roma bet on retro elements, you can tell the technical affinity of this pair only from a similar side silhouette.

The more aggressive appearance is then aimed at a reinforced technique in the bowels. The drive is still taken care of by a double-supercharged 3.9-liter eight-cylinder fork from our own workshop, but it is now tuned to 620 hp (456 kW), 20 hp more than before. In terms of performance, it compared to the Roma model.

Due to emission standards, the engine has a new particulate filter. Also new is the turbocharger turbine speed sensor, which has made it possible to increase the maximum turbine speed to 5000 rpm. The exhaust pipe has also been changed for better sound.

Most importantly, however, the unit is paired with a new gearbox, which Portofino M also takes over from Roma. Instead of a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, an eight-speed solution is introduced. Incidentally, such a gearbox also appears in the model SF90 Street, however, in the case of the Portofino M they differ in longer gear ratios and mechanical reverse. Longer higher levels will help fuel consumption on the highway, and the electronics have also adapted more to driving at lower speeds, for smoother running when driving in the city.

On the contrary, only the details were tuned inside. Specially developed seats can be purchased with ventilation or heating of the neck area. The Manettino driving mode controller then received five new modes, instead of the previous three, which compared the Portofino M to the more expensive models of the brand.

By the way, the Ferrari Portofino M is the brand’s first model introduced in the aftermath of the coronavirus crisis, which temporarily halted production in Maranello in the spring. However, the time remains uncertain, so the Portofino M was the first model in the carmaker’s history to be introduced exclusively in the online environment.


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