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The First Time, North Korean Individuals Have Twitter Accounts

PYONGYANG, KOMPAS.com – Office North Korea rumored to have worn Twitter to share life the people North Korea and their domestic news.

This is an extremely rare occurrence in North Korea. Such steps are likely to be taken to reach a wider international audience.

The move is likely also North Korea’s attempt to embrace social media, including YouTube, as a vehicle propaganda the latest.

In early October, two North Korean accounts appeared on Twitter including Kim Myong-il, who claims to be the director of the Committee for Korean Reunification which handles inter-Korean relations.

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Another account is registered under the name Han Song-il, who claims to be the director of the North Korean Unification Institute Yonhap News Agency, Friday (13/11/2020).

“I hope to deliver good news in North Korea or about inter-Korean relations, as well as information about our culture and history, and to communicate actively with many internet users in many regions,” Han wrote in his first Twitter post on October 1.

Many of their posts on Twitter are no different from the propaganda material used by North Korean state media.

They are especially critical South Korea, praising North Korea or showing support for the national anti-virus campaign and the 80-day campaign to counter internal challenges as ordered by leader Kim Jong Un.

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However, their posts also show the everyday life of ordinary North Koreans, including smoking.

“Recently the Anti-smoking Act has been adopted. I am not a heavy smoker but I really enjoy smoking. No matter how hard it is for me to resolve to quit smoking for the benefit of myself and a cleaner environment,” wrote Kim Myong-il. on his Twitter account, on Friday.

Many of their posts are also written in English, Chinese and Japanese, apparently aimed at reaching a wider audience internationally.

This marked the first time a North Korean official’s Twitter account has emerged.

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It remains unclear whether the account is actually run by them, given that North Korea is known to be very strict in allowing its citizens to use the internet.

Some North Korean propaganda media such as Uriminzokkiri also has a Twitter account.

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