The first final of an international competition in Hong Kong after the outbreak sold 90% of the tickets

Hong Kong’s world pool masters Wu Anyi, Fu Jiajun, Zhao Xintong, Higgins, Robertson, Shabi Zhuolin, Puzhu, Osu Liyun

Since the outbreak of the new corona epidemic, Hong Kong has finally hosted a sporting event involving overseas golfers after more than two years. The “Hong Kong World Billiards Masters” was held in the Red Pavilion for 4 consecutive days after 5 years. The players benefited from the quarantine agreement at the entrance “0 + 3” implemented last Monday (26). Isolation in the hotel for the game. According to the Hong Kong Billiards Association, the organizer, 90% of the nearly 9,000 tickets on the last day were sold, which is expected to become the largest number of live viewers in billiards history. Hong Kong golfer Fu Jiajun said with a smile that he spent nearly an hour teaching international golfers like O’Sullivan and Zhuo Linpu how to “travel with peace of mind”. O’Sullivan expressed respect for the outbreak prevention measures and was thrilled to be able to return to Hong Kong.

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The tournament took place for the first time in the Red Pavilion and 6 of the 8 players came from abroad. Luo Yongcong, chairman of the table, said yesterday afternoon at the reception that the Red Pavilion can accommodate nearly 9,000 people. event a chance to become the most watched billiards event in history. He thanked overseas golfers who were still willing to accept invitations to come to Hong Kong despite some restrictions on outbreak prevention in Hong Kong and expressed admiration for their professionalism. The government loosened the quarantine deal upon entry to “0 + 3” at the end of September, noting that the announcement was just 10 days into the tournament, although it terminated the original management deal at closed circuit for international golfers, has brought greater flexibility and flexibility to the organization of tournaments and golfers. Freedom encouraged foreign guests to see that Hong Kong is gradually returning to normal.

Fu Jiajun travels with complete peace of mindFu Jiajun travels with complete peace of mind

Fu Jiajun travels with complete peace of mind

Fu Jiajun joked: He spent nearly an hour teaching Osu and others to travel with complete peace of mind.

Marco Fu (Marco) posted yesterday on the social platform Facebook, jokingly saying: “It took us almost an hour to explain the use of ‘travel with peace’ with Osu (Liyun), Higgins, Shabi and Zhuo Limpu. He then he added in the reception that he had talked about different content for an hour, and some talked about traveling with peace of mind. For example, Shabi, who has only been in Hong Kong for two days, asked him why “Travel with peace of mind. mind “should have a yellow code but a blue code., but he said with a smile that he didn’t know himself; he said that during the epidemic in the UK, overseas golfers have been wearing goggles for the past two years, and is not entirely unaccustomed to the requirement to wear masks when arriving in Hong Kong. Fu Jiajun went on to stress that he is proud to be able to participate in the first large-scale competition in Hong Kong since the outbreak, and also hopes to try the feeling of “beating the waves “in front of 7,000 or 8,000 people.

O’Sullivan also said that when he was in the UK, he had long been subject to strict outbreak prevention restrictions, including wearing masks. He understood that there are still strict restrictions in Asia and he would be respected and disciplined. “Restrictions”, you can practice with the waves alone, avoiding the crowds. Zhao Xintong, a Chinese rising star who came to Hong Kong for the first time, said the event coincides with the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return, and was born in 1997, hoping to do well. He has also visited Hong Kong previously. Regarding the meeting in Hong Kong after a long absence, he pointed out that he had deliberately booked a plane ticket to return to the UK later, and is now focusing on competing for good results and will definitely try Hong delicacies again. Kong.
Opening match today

Players coming to Hong Kong include Ronnie O’Sullivan, Judd Trump, Mark Selby, Neil Robertson, John Higgins, Zhao Xintong, There are also many Hong Kong representatives Fu Jiajun and “four-eyed queen Q” Wu On- yi. Today’s match will be played by Fu Jiajun and Shabi. On the same day, Robertson will play against Zhao Xintong. On Friday, Zhuolin Pubi and Higgins, while in the evening Wu Anyi will face Osu Liyun. Wu Anyi, who retired last year due to the epidemic and missed her chance to fight Osulliyun, said she will definitely appreciate this Master.

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