After his illness, Netanyahu leaves the hospital

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a candidate in the November 1 legislative election, left a Jerusalem hospital Thursday morning, where he was tested after falling ill during a religious ceremony the day before, his office said.

Netanyahu, who will turn 73 in two weeks, “fell ill” as he attended a prayer service in a synagogue on Wednesday evening on the occasion of Yom Kippur, a major holiday on the Jewish calendar.

Netanyahu’s office did not specify in detail the nature of the disease, but the Israeli media reported “chest pain” and the former prime minister went to Shaare Zedek hospital for comprehensive examinations, according to “AFP”.

His office said he “did not feel well while praying in the temple, and has undergone a series of tests on the site, which have become normal, and now he is feeling well,” according to “Reuters”.

Prime Minister Yair Lapid had wished “a speedy and complete recovery” for Netanyahu, his rival in the legislative elections, according to “AFP”.

Israelis were called to vote on November 1 in the fifth elections in three and a half years in a legislative vote that could mark the return of Netanyahu, who served as prime minister for the longest term in Israel’s history, according to “AFP” .

He left power in the spring of 2021 to a heterogeneous coalition led by Lapid, and polls indicate that Netanyahu’s Likud (right) party, accused of corruption in a number of issues, is at the forefront of voting intentions. with just over thirty seats out of 120 in the Knesset (parliament).

The former prime minister, the longest-serving prime minister in Israel, leads a bloc of right-wing and religious parties ahead of the general election and has vowed to return to the political scene despite being tried on corruption charges that he denies, according to “Reuters”.

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