The final one is coming, irritating Bah. However, we will deal with him in Slavia, says Ševčík

Danish footballer Slavia Alexander Bah believes that his compatriots will end the journey of the Czech team with a tournament in Saturday’s quarterfinals of the European Championship. The 23-year-old right defender has already stabbed his teammates from Eden. Midfielder Petr Ševčík laughed at that and Bahem is said to be able to handle it after returning to Slavia from Euro.

“Of course I am very happy for my teammates from Slavia and their performances at the Euro, but now I am a little irritating that it will be the final one for them,” Bah told the Danish newspaper Berlingske. “Alex and I will settle it after returning to Slavia. I hope that we will advance,” Ševčík said in an online interview with journalists with a smile.

Bah, who did not make it to the final Danish nomination, has five teammates from Slavia in the Czech team. In Sunday’s winning round final against the Netherlands (2: 0) three of them entered – midfielders Lukáš Masopust, Petr Ševčík and Tomáš Holeš. Defenders David Zima and Jan Bořil remained outside the game, serving a penalty for two yellow cards.

“The performance in the victory over the Netherlands was very typical for the Czech Republic and the Czech players, as it is known. Very strong in the presink, very straightforward when winning the ball and able to create chances,” said Bah.

“When there are so many players from Slavia, it’s natural that the principles of our game get into the Czech national team. That’s why the Czechia has such an insanely strong team. Especially the presink, which is almost an art for the Czechia, works very well. Players exactly they know what to do. They play with great intensity, “added the Danish real back or midfielder, who came to Slavia in the winter from Sönderjyska.

Holeš shone against the Netherlands with a winning goal and assistance. “He is a defensive midfielder, but he still performs well among the shooters. He often scores important goals for Slavia, for example in the European League. He is a fantastic player and it does not surprise me at all that he is dangerous. It was great to see him hit the big European scene, “said Bah.

“The carnival can do a lot individually, Ševčík could run on the Sun. But in the Czech Republic it is necessary to highlight the team. It can match Denmark in the intensity of the game. But Denmark still has slightly better players for me and will be a small favorite on Saturday,” he added. Bah, who is currently preparing with Slavia for the new season at a training camp in Austria.



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