The festival of German film begins – SWR2

The Festival of German Films will open on the Parkinsel Ludwigshafen on Wednesday, September 1st, 2021. Because the city of Ludwigshafen is particularly careful when dealing with Corona, the 2G rule applies to the festival, only those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered are allowed on the site.

Of more than 300 people from all over Germany from the industry, only a handful are not vaccinated, says Michael Kötz, director of the film festival since 2005. The movie stars would of course be very happy to be able to stand in front of people again.

Ullrich Matthes, Claudia Michelsen, Julia Koschitz, Ullrich Tukur, Joachim Krol, Hannelore Hoger, Heino Ferch – the list of those who wanted to come is long. “You have this wonderful experience with the audience, this direct exchange. I think that many festivals are pretty boring even for the makers. And we found a niche in the market, how should you say it economically, ”says Kötz.

Ulrich Matthes receives award for the art of acting at the Festival of German Films



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