Corona parties in Alabama: whoever is positive first wins

What is a deadly pandemic for some is fun for others: in the United States, students have organized corona parties where they vie for who gets infected first.

Apparently, the party organizers in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, have deliberately invited guests infected with Sars-CoV-2, city councilor Sonya McKinstry reports, cited by several US media. Accordingly, all students throw money in one pot. Whoever would then be able to present a positive Covid 19 test afterwards would get the money. “You’re doing it on purpose,” McKinstry was quoted as saying.

Disappointment with a negative test result

The local fire department confirmed the information. According to the health authorities in Tuscaloosa, rumors have been around for a long time. One had already wondered why students who received a negative test result were upset about it.

There are several universities in Tuscaloosa. The authorities did not provide information on the institution to which the students concerned are registered. The University of Alabama said rumors of corona parties had been heard. Although no specific party participants could be identified, they are working on making the students more sensitive.

Especially at the beginning of the pandemic in Europe there had been reports of Covid 19 parties in several European countries.

In the US state of Alabama with its almost five million inhabitants, over 40,000 people have been infected with Sars-CoV-2 so far, according to the Johns Hopkins University. Almost 1000 died of or with the virus.

The United States is the worst affected country by the pandemic. According to Johns Hopkins University nearly 2,800,000 people are infected. Almost 130,000 died.

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