The easiest unicorn cake to make is in Blake Lively’s kitchen

Blake Lively has shown over the years that it is one of the most complete women in the Hollywood Hills. After rising to international fame with his role protagonist in Gossip Girl, the interpreter demonstrated all her talent in films such as ‘Adele’s Life’ or ‘Green Lantern’, in which he met the one who is today su marido, Ryan Reynolds.

Together with him, Blake has been the mother of three beautiful girls, Inez, Betty and James, and all of them lead the simplest possible life between Los Angeles and New York. Also, Blake is not only a mother and an actress, is also ‘influencer’ (His 28 million followers on Instagram endorse him) and he has positioned himself as an icon of style, health and beauty. Proof of this is that his workouts, his healthy lifestyle and his looks are copied and envied in equal parts by his ‘followers’.

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Now, and in a boast of pastry pride, Blake wanted to share with all of us that making a unicorn cake is not difficult if you know how. For this, you only have make the cake and cover it with pink fondant that you can find already made in many establishments. But of course, you will be thinking that the difficult part comes now because to see how you are going to make the unicorn. Very easy.

You only have to draw with black fondant two eyes with eyelashes and then buy (you will find them without problems in any pastry shop), two ears, a horn and a multitude of flowers with which to decorate the top and bottom of the cake. Seriously, it is not difficult at all and the result can be as surprising and beautiful as this one.

In fact, Blake Lively has sought the approval of the prestigious chef specializing in pastry, Paul Hollywood, who serves on the jury of the culinary shows ‘The Great British Bake Off’ and ‘The Great American Show’. Not only this one told him that he was greatInstead, he has ‘reinstated’ Blake’s creation on his own Instagram account.

Something that has filled the actress with pride, who has shown us that baking can be easy and a lot of fun, and now with the pandemic it is a great time to try new activities at home that in addition to relaxing make us feel good about ourselves.


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