The Draguignan hospital welcomed the CGT general secretary to talk about the hospital crisis

On the third floor of the Draguignan hospital, in the oncology, cardiology and pulmonology departments, about thirty people gathered at 9am this Wednesday 5 October in front of Philippe Martinez, secretary general of the CGT, present for the first time in Dracénie.

I came first to listen to you, to find out how you want to work“, He launches into the small assembly, made up of nurses, psychiatrists and maintenance workers.

Professional elections in the public service will take place soon in early December. You have to bring out all that is wrong, all this malaise you live in, to provide solutions “.

The testimonies flowed quickly. “Fifty weeks have passed since the emergency room was closed at night! Basically, it was only supposed to be five weeks.seriously deplores Manon of the Union Syndicale. What do we want? That Haut-Var patients are less likely to be treated than those living near the Côte d’Azur?

Sylvie, night nurse, can’t hold back her sobs: “The situation is deteriorating enormously. They make us feel guilty for not being back when we stopbreathe, the microphone trembles. I have been a nurse for 24 years and now I am exhausted“.

Psychiatrists also denounced the closure of the crisis unit and the drastic reduction in beds. “Patients with real psychiatric danger are out of care “, Announces Muriel Dumont, psychiatric agent.

Same thing for the hospital self “where hygiene becomes obsolete, at the risk of reliving a scenario à la Buitoni (case of pizzas contaminated by the bacterium Escherichia coli, Editor’s note), for lack of weapons “, Condemns Angélique Taboui, maintenance worker.

Faced with this serious hospital crisis that hospitals in France are going through, Philippe Martinez has punished the various government policies of former president Nicolas Sarkozy, including François Hollande and today Emmanuel Macron “who gutted the public hospital “. Ask the nursing staff to blame and vote in December.” for an effective CGT “.

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