The Delinquency Rate of Loans in Spanish Banks remains at its Lowest Level since 2008

The Delinquency Rate of Loans in Spanish Banks remains at its Lowest Level since 2008

The delinquency of loans granted by Spanish banks remained at 3.5% in July, the same figure as the previous month, which continues to be the lowest rate since December 2008.

According to data published this Monday by the Bank of Spain, Non-performing loans were reduced by 399 million in July alone, up to 41,774 million. However, bad debts in the sector did not fall because the credit portfolio contracted to 1,194 billion euros, below the 1,205 billion in February.

Compared to July 2022, credit delinquency has gone from 3.85% then to 3.50% in July 2023 and The balance of doubtful debts has decreased by more than 5,660 million.

The delinquency of banks and savings banks, at its lowest in 2018

In addition to the total data for the sector, the Bank of Spain publishes each month the aggregate delinquency of banks, savings banks and cooperatives (rural savings banks), on the one hand, and, on the other, that of consumer finance companies.

Thus, the former also remained unchanged in July, at 3.39%, thus remaining at minimum since December 2018 despite the fact that the balance of unpaid debts continued to reduce, to 38,733 million.

However, In consumer finance companies, the delinquency ratio rose to 6.43%from 6.33% in June, with a volume of doubtful loans of 2,861 million, 2 million more than the previous month, and a credit portfolio that fell to 44,509 million.

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