The Church of England Discusses the Gender Neutral Status of God, Here’s Why

Rev. Joanna Stobart of Bath and Wells. Photo/twitter/@BathWells

LONDON – Liberal Christians are pushing for the Church of England to remove gendered references to God from scriptures and services.

The Telegraph reported this on Tuesday (7/2/2023). To describe God as a man (man), they argued, was a “theological misreading”.

The argument was put forward at a session of the General Synod, the Church’s law-making body, this week.

According to the Telegraph, the Rev. Joanna Stobart of Bath and Wells asked the Liturgical Commission what steps were being taken “to develop a more inclusive language in our official liturgies.”

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Stobart said he wanted more options to “speak about God in a non-gender way,” and more prayers that don’t refer to God “using masculine pronouns.”

The Liturgical Commission is responsible for determining how church services are conducted, including what language to use during these services.

Its co-chair, Bishop Litchfield, told Stobart that the commission has “explored the use of gendered language in relation to God for several years,” and will discuss the issue with the Faith and Order Commission this spring.

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