The Center-Val de Loire league under tension

Campaign times are thus made, of targeted attacks and organized defenses, big forehands and others less frank, too. In which category should the postponement sine die of the elective general assembly of the Center-Val de Loire league (scheduled for the end of last week in Blois) be placed?

Resumption of amateur sport for minors in clubs: according to a physiotherapist, “sport must be part of their rhythm of life”

The League is under high tension, torn between two lines: that of Thierry Grandgeorge, the outgoing president, and that of Sabrina Léger, his opponent from Brezolles and who lives in Touraine. Through both, it is the federal war. If Thierry Grandgeorge ardently supports Bernard Giudicelli, Sabrina Léger has taken a stand for Gilles Moretton, and the rupture he embodies.

The Brézollienne Sabrina Léger candidate

To justify the delay in the regional elections, Thierry Grandgeorge is advancing the health crisis and the establishment, on October 29, of the new confinement.

Cancellation of the 2020 edition of the Happy New Year Tournament in Chartres

“We want to prepare for the GA in good conditions. In face-to-face, we know how to do it, even if we can expect a strong participation; in distance, on the other hand, one discovers… The modalities of organization and voting change. “

Sabrina Léger (right), native of Brezolles, supports Gilles Moretton (center), candidate for the presidency of the FFT.

As the Federation has postponed its GA to February 13, Thierry Grandgeorge knows not to be in a hurry. “We must act responsibly, in human and health terms. “

Death of Christian Richard, former president of the departmental committee

Sabrina Léger disputes the argument, recalling that elements had been transmitted by the Federation “end of September, beginning of October”.

“More than not having any information, what bothers me the most is that we no longer talk about tennis or clubs; that we no longer think of the graduates or the teachers. Those who are self-employed do not receive anything, even though Mr. Giudicelli has announced 35 million euros in aid. But there too, we have no information … “

Supported by Stéphane Robert

During her campaign, Sabrina Léger can count on the support of Alain Bossard, regional president for 17 years, and of Montargois Stéphane Robert, former 50th player in the world and now licensed in Tours. “Sincerely, breathes Sabrina Léger, I hope we will pass! “

The Loiret has changed, and the Indre-et-Loire is acquired. And several important leagues in France have already been converted, such as Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Occitanie and Grand Est. What will the Center-Val de Loire do?


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