Joe Biden is due to announce the names of the first members of his cabinet on Tuesday

Newly elected US President Joe Biden will announce the first members of his future cabinet on Tuesday. According to Reuters and the AP, he could reveal, among other things, the name of the next finance minister.

“You will find out the first people selected for the cabinet on Tuesday. But if you want to know which government offices they are and who will fill them, you will have to wait for the elected president himself to say this on Tuesday,” said future White House chief of staff Ron Klain. conversation with ABC television.

Democrat Biden has promised to create an administration that reflects the country’s diversity. He said last week that he had already chosen his finance minister. “And you will see that this is someone who, in my opinion, will be acceptable to all elements of the Democratic Party – from progressive to moderate coalitions,” said Biden, who is often described as a moderate democrat.

According to Reuters, Janet Yellen, former Fed chairman Lael Brainard, former Sarah Board member Raskin, and Raphael Bostic, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, were shortlisted by Biden’s shortlist of candidates for finance minister.

Biden and his team, meanwhile, are preparing for the inauguration and takeover of the presidency on January 20, despite complications caused by the fact that incumbent President Donald Trump has still not officially acknowledged his opponent’s victory in the November 3 election. Trump questions and challenges the results of the vote in some states. But some Republicans have called on Trump in recent days to recognize the election results.


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