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The Center Party will change the EEA agreement bit by bit

Vedum says in an interview with Class struggles Saturday that he will improve the agreements Norway has with Europe, but not by terminating the EEA agreement until something better is in place.

Several business owners have appeared in various media and said that they are worried about the Center Party’s policy. Vedum believes this is just an election campaign game from the Conservatives, and that there is no reason to panic.

Business owners who are anxious can take it easy. Relax, says the SP leader to Klassekampen.

– We will not endanger anything. What we want is to improve the agreements Norway has with Europe. For example, we believe that Norway should not join the EU’s energy agency or adopt the EU’s fourth railway package. Norway has for many years been far too passive in meeting the EU, says Vedum.


The EEA agreement entered into force in 1994 and makes us part of the European market, just like the countries that are members of the EU.

– We will improve the agreements by making more demands and not just accept what comes from Europe blindly, says Vedum.

Also in working life policy, Vedum believes that Norway has over time accepted too much of what comes from the EU, and that a new government must use the room for maneuver that lies in saying no to the working life rules that the EU has adopted.

– Turn the jacket after the wind

Both the Conservatives and the Liberals react to Vedum’s statements. According to the Liberal Party’s deputy leader Sveinung Rotevatn, the SP leader is attacking an international agreement that secures thousands of Norwegian jobs.

– The following picture shows Vedum’s strategy for European cooperation: He has gone from burning down the house, instead he will tear it down plank by plank, Rotevatn says to NTB.

According to District and Digitization Minister Linda Hofstad Helleland (H), Vedum is now turning its back on the wind.

– Cornerstone companies in District Norway have gone out into the media and shouted warnings about Vedum’s desire to scrap the EEA. Today, in a familiar style, he turns his cloak after the wind. Now he is also going against his own party. He is unable to say out loud and clear that he wants the EEA agreement for life, despite the fact that this is exactly what his party is running for election on, she writes Facebook.

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