The CAER suspended the registration of the lawyer from Concord, Cesar Bonato, convicted of sexual abuse and grooming

In the recitals of the resolution signed by the vice president and the Secretary of the Institution, Dr. Santiago Esquivel and Andrés Martín Galizzi, it is maintained regarding the criminal case against Bonato:

– That by virtue of publications by Diario Digitales, a report was requested from the Director of OGA, sending an official letter and informing of the sentence handed down in the aforementioned cases.

– That the pertinent part of the sentence is transcribed: “…I- Condemn him to a sentence of (3) years of conditional execution prison, plus rules of conduct for the same period of time, all in accordance with Article 27 bis of the CP…;

– That by virtue of Art. 40 inc. A and b of Law 10855, which expressly contemplate the situation of lawyers sentenced to imprisonment, and of Art. 70, 2nd paragraph of the same law.

– That by Resolution No. 10,117 of September 17, 1999 of the CAER, it was resolved to publish the sanctions of suspension and/or exclusion from enrollment in the Official Gazette of the Province of E. Ríos and in a newspaper in the area of ​​the excluded enrollees. in the registration

Therefore, the Board of Directors of the Entre Ríos Bar Association


ARTICLE 1: Exclude from the Registration the lawyer Cesar Adrián Bonato, Registration No. 7256 Folio 197 Volume I, until the effective compliance of the penalties applied, according to sentence No. 173 of the Court of Guarantees No. 3 dated 10/23/2023, until as long as the deadline is met (Art. 70, 2nd paragraph).-

ARTICLE 2: This exclusion will come into force as of today.

ARTICLE 3: Communicate the resolution to the Hon. Superior Court of Justice of the Province, to the Forensic Fund of Entre Ríos and to the Concordia Section of the CAER

ARTICLE 4: Publish this in the Official Gazette of the Province of Entre Ríos.

Article 5: Add this to the Registry of Resolutions – Volume CXXXV- and copy it to the respective file.

The case

In March of this year, two women reported Bonato for attempted abuse in the workplace and the case fell into the hands of the Gender Prosecutor, Evelina Espinosa.

Finally, in October and after the relevant investigations and evidence, the Guarantee Judge, Mario Figueroa, found César Adrián Bonato the author materially and criminally responsible for the crime against sexual integrity – “Sexual Abuse – Obscene Exhibitions – Sexual Abuse and Grooming” –

Consequently, he was sentenced to three years of conditional execution – a benefit to which he agreed because it was abuse “without carnal access” and not “aggravated” – within the framework of an abbreviated trial in which the accused accepted the charges and the corresponding penalty.

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