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Created: 05/19/2022, 09:19 am

Von: Franziska Kaindl


Lindau on Lake Constance can be easily reached by train from three cities. © Rainer Weisflog/Imago

Are you planning a holiday with the 9 euro ticket? There is a large selection of travel destinations within Germany – we will show you which routes are particularly attractive.

Germany has a lot to offer and thanks to the 9 euro ticket, which will be available from June to August, many regions can be visited inexpensively. The only downside: Travelers sometimes have to take long train journeys with several changes to get to the destination. If you want to travel from Munich to Berlin, for example, you have to reckon with a journey of almost nine hours. With the ICE, the route could be covered in 4.5 hours, i.e. half the time. Unfortunately, the one with the 9-euro ticket is taboo. We’ve selected a selection of train routes to popular destinations that can be reached in under five hours.

Popular holiday island Sylt – easy to reach from Hamburg

On Sylt, there are already fears of a large rush due to the 9-euro ticket – so hotels and holiday apartments could be rare. At the same time, Mayor Nikolas Häckel declared the Hamburger Morgenpost: “But we are by no means panicking. We prepare for it and then take a look.” He suspects that people from the immediate vicinity in particular could use the ticket for an excursion. Out for travelers Hamburg could that actually be the case: With regional transport you can get to Sylt in three hours.

Excursion to the Elbe Sandstone Mountains – the routes are worthwhile

They want to go to the Saxon Switzerlandto explore the Elbe Sandstone Mountains? Then make a note of the destination station Bad Schandau. Of Berlin it can be reached in about 4.5 hours. who in Leipzig starts, takes only about an hour longer than with the ICE and is there in about three hours.

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Lübeck and Timmendorfer Strand: Arrival in around five hours

Lübeck is not only a great destination for a city holiday, but also close to the Baltic Sea – the Timmendorfer Strand can be reached from here in just 15 minutes by regional train. If your travel from Berlin Depending on the train, you can get to Lübeck in 4 to 5 hours. From Dresden make it to the Baltic Sea in about five hours.

Off to the Black Forest – to Freiburg im Breisgau

The university town of Freiburg im Breisgau is one of the most beautiful destinations in Germany – and is also located in the middle Black Forest. Thus, travelers can combine a city trip and an excursion into nature. Of Stuttgart From here the route can be covered in three to four hours.

Can be reached from three cities in less than four hours – Lindau on Lake Constance

Would you like to breathe some sea air? Then Lindau an absolute must. The old town is located on an island and has numerous historical sites to visit. In summer, you can also go windsurfing, sailing or swimming on Lake Constance. when you in München If you board the train, you can reach Lindau in 2 to 2.5 hours. When departing in Stuttgart you can reach the old town island in just under three hours. And even from Nuremberg Lindau can be reached in four hours.

Prien am Chiemsee: With the train to the idyll

If you take a trip to the Chiemsee, you should definitely take the Herreninsel with you Schloss Herrenchiemsee to visit. A Benedictine monastery founded in the 8th century is located on the Fraueninsel. But what’s the best way to get there? By train from Stuttgart you arrive in Prien am Chiemsee in about 4.5 hours. Of Nuremberg from it is just under four hours. And from München it’s only an hour. (fk)

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