“The best pastry chef”. Victim of school harassment, Alicia gets her “revenge”

When talking about her pastry beginnings, Alicia can’t help but talk about her grandmother. It was by her side that from an early age she prepared her first desserts. “We loved making yogurt cakes, marbled snacks, Christmas sweets …” So when he set foot in the tent of the The best pastry chef for the first time, of course, he was thinking of her. “I’ve always enjoyed cooking with her. She taught me everything, I owe her everything.the 26-year-old Alsatian tells us.

If the young woman has it “Always been attracted to sweets”, his passion for pastry is much more recent. After earning a degree in digital marketing, Alicia struggled to find a job. During his first imprisonment in March 2020he then began to seriously cook. “I watched so many videos to improve myself and found lots of advice on social media. I started making cakes and desserts that were much more accomplished. “

Harassment at school, teasing, judgments

It is one of his creations. posted on his Instagram account which allowed him to be noticed by the production of the culinary competition that airs every Wednesday M6. It was selected thanks to a large heart-shaped cake made with vanilla mousse. “Inside there is an insert of passion fruit with mango and a peanut praline”, explains. fan of The best pastry chef since the first season, Alicia has however hesitated to apply. “I didn’t feel legitimate at all. I was full of doubts, I was afraid of the gaze of others and their judgment.”

A lack of self-confidence linked to a difficult period during adolescence. “I was bullied in school when I was in junior high and high school. People were constantly making fun of me, judging my physique. “ A situation that sometimes still has to face today. The young woman works as a truck driver in the family business run by her father. “I am a woman, who loves being feminine, in a world of men. It is not always easy because there are still many stereotypes. I often hear inappropriate comments and / or criticisms. “

“I want to take the cup home!” “

Despite everything, the budding pastry chef has decided to take the plunge. He applied for the eleventh season and was selected from more than 10,000 applications. “I was very happy and proud. This shows that you should never stop believing in yourself. For me it is revenge on life. “ Before filming began, the Alsatian had one goal: not to be eliminated in the first round. A brilliantly accomplished mission. Since then, she has never ceased to amaze jurors with her creations of hers. She also won a test imposed by Cyril Lignac with her reinterpretation of the gazelle’s horns. “Now I hope to go as far as possible and win the blue apron at least once! “

The young woman born in Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin) is in love with her region. “I love putting our flavors first in my cakes. It is a pride for me to be Alsatian, so I want to win the competition to take the cup home! “, she laughs. But to succeed you will have to beat serious candidates. Starting with Manon, the formidable twenty-year-old from Montpellier since the beginning of the season. “You also have to manage stress and not panic. It is very difficult to cook under the awning, we are always in a hurry, we have to talk at the same time… It is not at all normal. “

“There were tensions” on the set

Looking back, Alicia is thrilled that she took the opportunity to enter the cooking contest. This “Good experience” it allowed him to get valuable advice from great chefs and to learn how to be “less dispersed” behind the stoves. “I’m also a lot less worried about talking to strangers. “ He has created affinities with some candidates such as Karel, Justine or even Nils. “The atmosphere between us was very nice. It felt a bit like being at summer camp. However, there were tensions at times. We spent a lot of time together and we didn’t have the same characters. “

Today the young woman would like to live off her passion. “My dream would be to open a tea room in Strasbourg, a place where life is good and where you can have fun. “ He offered his customers pastries that are both gourmet and elaborate. “I love to bring a touch of femininity to my cakes with small gold leaves or flowers. “ But she won’t forget the classics she likes to taste like brownies, cookies and raspberry tartlets, her nice sin. While waiting to start this professional project, she uses her free time to devote herself to her second passion: going fishing with her father.

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