THE BALL – Fenerbahçe – Umraniyespor: follow Jorge Jesus’ debut in the Turkish championship (Fenerbahçe) live here

70 minutes: Yellow card to Luan Peres.

70 minutes: Penalty for Umraniyespor!

67 minutes: Umraniyespor scores! Oguz Gurbulak’s right corner, scored late, to the edge of the area, where Valentin Gheorghe, with the first shot, crossed, with no chance of defense for Altay Bayindir. 2-2.

64 minutes: Substitution at Umraniyespor, with the departure of Del Valle and Geraldo, for Onur Ayik and Valentin Gheorghe.

63 minutes: Double substitution at Fenerbahçe, with the departures of Emre Mor and Enner Valencia for the entrances of Bruma and Miha Zajc.

60 minutes: Lincoln tries his luck from the middle of the street, but the shot grazes Oguz Gurbulak and goes off the end line. Corner kick for the formation guided by Jorge Jesus.

56 minutes: Emre Mor’s shot from the edge of the small area was saved by Serkan Kirintili.

54 minutes: Excellent understanding play between Ferdi Kadioglu and Emre Mor, with a cross from the right side, which was heading towards Diego Rossi, to be intercepted by Serkan Kirintili.

52 minutes: Goal (well) ruled out by Umraniyespor, for offside by Adel Bettaieb.

49 minutes: Long-range shot by Serkan Goksu, off the left post of Altay Bayindir’s goal.

46 minutes: Substitution at Fenerbahçe, with the departure of Willian Arão for the entry of Ismail Yuksek.

Start of the second part!

Jorge Jesus’ set goes into the break with an advantage. A result that is acceptable, given the superiority shown over the first 45 minutes, but Umraniyespor took advantage of a less fleeting period of Fenerbahçe to cause some problems to the home team’s defense.

Enner Valencia, from the penalty spot, opened the scoring in the 19th minute, but the visitors, at the half-hour mark, managed to equalize, when Tomislav Glumac, with a header, gave the best follow-up to a cross from the left by Ermir Lenjani.

After that, there was a slight break in the team guided by the Portuguese coach who, even so, returned to charge in the final period of the first half, ending up being rewarded with another goal. In added time, and after a quick transition led by Joshua King, Diego Rossi, down to the right flank, crossed to the far post, where Enner Valencia appeared to touch the back of the opposing nets.

Interval! Fenerbahce 2 Umraniyespor 1.

45+3 minutes: Fenerbahce scores! Quick transition by Jorge Jesus’ men, following a corner kick favoring Umraniyespor, Joshua King’s pass to Diego Rossi, with the Uruguayan international crossing with care, weight and measure to the far post, where Enner Valencia, opportune , having only to pull over for 2-1.

Five minutes minimum additional time granted for this first half.

41 minutes: Yellow card to Adel Bettaieb.

33 minutes: Great individual move by Emre Mor, who, after taking several opponents out of the way, tried to shoot from outside the area, but the ball ended up being deflected into a corner by an opposing defender.

30 minutes: Umraniyespor scores! Left corner and Ermir Lenjani and Tomislav Glumac, with a header, make the tie. 1-1.

29 minutes: Great shot by Oguz Gurbulak, for a beautiful intervention by Altay Bayindir.

22 minutes: Yellow card to Enner Valencia.

19 minutes: Fenerbahce scores! Enner Valencia, in the transformation of the penalty, makes it 1-0.

18 minutes: Penalty for Fenerbahçe. After consulting the VAR images, the refereeing team decided to mark the maximum punishment, by hand Durel Avounou.

15 minutes: Lincoln’s cross from the left and Joshua King’s header is close to the goal, but Tomislav Glumac, on the line, denies Fenerbahçe the advantage.

12 minutes: Yellow card to Willian Arão.

3 minutes: In the area, Emre Mor tried his luck, but the Turkish creative’s shot went over the bar.

1 minute: Geraldo, in front of Altay Bayindir, shoots for a great save by the Fenerbahçe goalkeeper.

Start of the match!

It is recalled that Fenerbahçe has not won the Turkish championship for eight seasons, which is the main objective of the club’s new project.

Umraniyespor: Serkan Kirintili, Serkan Goksu, Tomislav Glumac CAllyson Aires, Ermir Lenjani, Antonio Mrsic, Oguz Gurbulac, Durel Avounou, Del Valle, Adel Bettaieb and Geraldo

Substitutes: Orkun Ozdemir, Onur Ayik, Mustafa Karagoz, Valenti Gheorghe, Tashin Hacimustafaoglu, Eser, Metehan Mimaroglu, Emre Nefiz, Issac Sackey e Fatih Sanliturk

Coach: R. Ucar

Fenerbahce: Altay Bayindir CLuan Peres, Gustavo Henrique, Attila Szalai, Ferdi Kadioglu, Emre Mor, Willian Arão, Lincoln, Diego Rossi, Joshua King and Enner Valencia

Substitutes: Osmar Cetin, Mergim Berisha, Bruma, Miguel Crespo, Serdar Dursun, Arda Guler, Maurício Lemos, Osayi-Samuel, Ismail Yuksek and Miha Zajc

Coach: George Jesus

There are already teams!

After the draw in the first match, against the Ukrainian team (0-0), Fenerbahçe drew again, at home (1-1), but ended up being defeated after extra time (1-2), a defeat that dictated the removal of the Turkish emblem – where the Portuguese Miguel Crespo and Bruma line up – of the Champions. After that, and already in the Europa League, Fenerbahçe defeated Slovácko, by enlightening (3-0) and is one and a half feet in the playoff of the second most important UEFA club competition.

It will be the Portuguese coach’s fourth official game in this new career adventure. So far, Jorge Jesus has two draws and a victory in regulation time, and one of the draws ended up resulting in defeat, as was the case of the second leg of the 3rd qualifying round of the Champions League, against Dynamo Kiev.

Fenerbahçe will face Umraniyespor this Monday (19.45 hours), in the 1st round of the Turkish championship, and A BOLA online will follow the debut of Jorge Jesus in the competition. Come with us, dear reader. It takes place in the starting eleven…

Good evening!

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