THE BALL – After announcing separation, Jô’s wife reveals: «He already has five children out of wedlock» (Brazil)

Cláudia Santos Silva, Jô’s ex-wife, announced the couple’s separation after Maiára Quidérolly, the player’s lover, revealed that she was pregnant with the striker.

Shortly after the announcement of the separation, Cláudia Santos Silva made a new unusual revelation about the player, who recently terminated his contract with Corinthians. “To make one thing clear to the world, her son [Maiára Quiderolly] it’s not a trophy for him, because he already has five children out of wedlock. Two relate very well to me, I have contact with their mothers. They spent Christmas at my house and will continue to spend it because they are my children’s brothers”, he told a live on the social network Instagram.

Jô had already said that she did everything to keep the marriage, but Cláudia Santos Silva assured that the latest betrayal put an end to the relationship: «I am no longer Jô’s wife, we separated. Supposedly the child is his… If the child is his, it will not be mine. I don’t feel like a failure, on the contrary: I emerge victorious because I wrote a beautiful story. I have two beautiful children, I got married, I did everything right, everything a woman dreams of doing… And he lost, I didn’t lose anything.”

It has been a busy week for Jô, who is now 35 years old. Before this episode, the forward had already been fired from Corinthians, guided by Vítor Pereira and who has Rafael Ramos in the squad, after being caught in a bar while the helm lost at home in Cuiabá, and did not show up for training the next day.

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