The Aragonese families have recovered 120 million when they sue for the floor clauses

The Aragonese families have recovered 120 million euros by claiming the amounts paid for the floor clauses from financial institutions declared abusive by the Court of Justice of the European Union at the end of 2016. This has been stated by the Director General of Justice, María Ángeles Júlvez, in a monographic appearance in the Courts of Aragon, where he has detailed that, on average, the banks have returned about 8,000 euros to each affected by court ruling. To this amount should be added the interest that will be saved throughout the life of the mortgage, which will reach the 800 million in Aragon estimated by the Bank of Spain.

Júlvez has indicated that the Aragonese courts have reached file almost 15,000 lawsuits in the last four years due to the failure of the mediation mechanism, of which only 700 remain to be resolved. The fact of concentrating all the affairs of each province in a single court has made it possible to streamline procedures and, above all, to provide “legal certainty” by thus avoiding giving “different answers” to citizens. . The number of judgments resolved and handed down rose to 12,493 and 10,189, respectively, and in 97.2% of the cases have given the reason to the families forced to assume the clause to obtain a mortgage with which to acquire your home.

The Director General of Justice has highlighted that Aragon has been at the forefront in the resolution of cases, only surpassed in percentage terms by Asturias and La Rioja, although with a much lower number of sentences.

María Ángeles Júlvez has recognized the role of the judges and officials involved and, especially, the “brilliant work” of the head of the 12th Investigative Court of Zaragoza, Francisco Polo.

He recalled that the General Council of the Judiciary decided in mid-2018 to concentrate the resolutions and reinforce the work in Zaragoza with a titular judge and three supporters because the demands of the soil clauses were no longer “fine rain, but a storm”. If in 2017 there were 4,496 lawsuits for floor clauses, a year later the record was broken with 5,905 and then reduced to 2,151 in 2019 and 1,112 last year.

He has also referred, at the request of Ciudadanos, Vox and Chunta, to the possible barrage of lawsuits that may come from the novation contracts that some consumers have signed with their entities, renouncing to sue them for the floor clauses. In his opinion, it will not involve a significant increase in cases, given that there are about 150 lawsuits per month distributed among 17 courts in Zaragoza, with an average processing of about six months. In addition, there are about a thousand pending appeals in the Provincial Court of Zaragoza.

All parliamentary groups have praised the work of Justice in defending the interests of consumers Faced with what they have come to label as “fraud”, although the PP spokesman in the Institutional commission, Fernando Ledesma, has stressed that it is not about “demonizing” the financial entities that facilitate the acquisition of housing.



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