The agents in the Covid trench: “This is how we risk with migrants”

With a post your Facebook, the police explain the difficulties encountered in the transfer operations of some migrants who tested positive al Coronavirus who refused to cooperate, resisting the move from the reception facility to the military hospital of the Celio in Rome.

There are 21, according to reports also by “The messenger”, individuals tested positive for Coronavirus within the center “Better World of Rocca di Papa (Rome). The first phases of the program took place yesterday transfer, which involved 4 subjects of Nigerian nationality. They are, to be precise, two men and two women between 25 and 30 years old, who had already become protagonists in recent days in acts of vandalism, riots and even attempts to escape from the Rocca di Papa structure. therefore forced the police to intervene in large numbers to prevent dangerous situations from occurring for the health workers involved in the transfer themselves.

All this took place between 2 pm and 4 pm yesterday afternoon, Monday 17 August, when an ambulance of the Italian Red Cross equipped with 4 stations set up for bio-containment, presented itself in front of the structure. “Better World accommodates well 300 non-EU citizens, which is why 10 armored vehicles of the state police arrived to supervise the work of doctors and nurses, arranged all around the reception center. The carabinieri of the Rocca di Papa command also participated in the control operations.

“Rome August 17, 2020. Mobile Department committed to picking up positive migrants from Covid-19 who did not want to leave the reception center”, reads the press release posted on “Italy Fast”. “We understand the effort on the part of those who plan the service and the Administration, but it is evident that there are instrumental limits that prevent the Agents from carrying out their service in the best possible way. A real commitment on the part of government and parliamentary interlocutors is urgently needed. to give the Guardians of the Order the due protections and certainties abandon so and then expect professionalism from us “, concludes the note.

Under the post numerous certificates of solidarity. “We cannot accept that the country be reduced in this way …”. “But do you realize how our police must operate? It’s a shame”. There are also those who call into question the friends of hospitality: “Every time these guys move, they have to be there Lamorgese, Bellanova and all the left-wing parliamentarians and the grillini. Why let only you risk? The Italians pay them handsomely if they earn the super salary “.

“The Administration has done everything possible, but it cannot work like this. Immigration cannot be a problem of the Police. Today the colleagues of the Mobile Department of Rome are committed to accompanying twenty guests to the Celio military hospital of the CPR positive to Covid-19, to minimize the risk of contagion, had to carry out a real public order service wearing all the protections that the State Police was able to make available “, reads a statement from the Es Polizia union.

“We certainly appreciate the considerable effort made at all levels, today more could certainly not be done, but it is all too evident that no protection could ever guarantee 100% from contagion the colleagues engaged in this kind of services in case of a struggle with people who have the horizon in front of them obligatory repatriation. The predictable surge in arrivals during this pandemic “, adds the secretary general Vincenzo Chianese, “It certainly cannot be dealt with by making state servants who earn 1,500 euros a month appear as ‘smurfs’. The guilty delays and too many indecisions of politics cannot continue to fall on those who, every day, risk not only their skin, also because he does not have suitable professional training or adequate tools, but also to be instrumentally approached to those who, in the United States, killed poor George Floyd. It is a game of massacre, the policemen are tired and one cannot remain silent anymore “, concludes Chianese.

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