The actor refused to voice the character from The Simpsons

Hank Azaria was strongly pressured by criticism from viewers from India.

Apu. Photo: 20th Century Fox Television

The bad news for fans of the animated series “The Simpsons”, actor Hank Azaria, who voiced earlier the character Apu, said he would no longer do this. Although there is a chance that the character will be left in the cartoon, he is extremely small, it will be easier for the creators to completely remove him from the project than to make him dumb or look for a replacement.

The reason for this decision of Hank Azaria was the increased criticism of the character from the audience. Recall that Apu is a typical Indian who, by some miracle, opened his store in Springfield. He is the most stereotyped and gives a wrong idea about all the inhabitants of India – this is what opponents of the character say. Also in 2018, Apu should have been removed from the series, but for some reason he was left.

Hank Azaria also gives his voice to Chef Wiggum, bartender Mo, Dr. Nick Riviera and others.

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