Thank you to Park Ji-soo for growing up as coach Ahn Deok-soo, who was first arrived in the championship game.

KB’s coach Ahn Deok-soo of the women’s professional basketball team praised Park Ji-soo, who took the lead in advancing to the championship match.

KB won the second game of the KB Kookmin Bank’s Liiv M 2020-2021 Women’s Professional Basketball Playoff (PO) held at Incheon Dowon Gymnasium on the 2nd, and advanced to the championship with a victory in the second game.

Park Ji-soo led KB’s victory by catching 24 more than half of the team’s rebounds (40) and scoring the most 21 points.

At a press conference after the game, Ahn said, “There must have been a lot more pressure than anyone, but I managed to overcome the burden well, not suitable for my age,” he said. “Thank you for the growth of Park Ji-soo this season.”

In addition, he praised again, saying, “Since the time the index was confirmed to advance into the PO, the determination seemed to be unique.”

Coach Ahn praised other players, such as Kang A-jung, who was selected as the best player (MVP) in the game, and Heo Ye-eun, the young guard, and said, “I can’t miss anyone.”

The opponents of the championship will be decided in the third round of PO between Asan Woori Bank and Yongin Samsung Life, which will be held on the 3rd.

Coach Ahn replied, “I don’t know,” when asked which team he prefers for the championship match.

He said, “Woori Bank is a very strong team, and Director Sang-woo Lee is so great that I think it is a difficult opponent.

“I didn’t know that Samsung Life’s performance would improve like this,” he said.

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Coach Ahn pledged, “I will definitely play the championship while winning the first game in the first game.”

Shinhan Bank, who was selected as’last number one’ before the season, put Shinhan Bank in third place in the regular league, but in the end, coach Sang-il, who ended the season with’loser’, pointed out that it was realistically difficult to overcome’inferior in height’.

“All the players did well, but there was no way to shoot because there was no center,” Jung said. “Especially Park Ji-soo was five times harder than in the regular league.”

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