“Ple Hataya” sadly lost her dear mother: PPTVHD36

“Ple-Hataya Wongkrachang” posted sadly for the loss of her beloved mother People in the entertainment industry express their condolences.

“Ple Hataya” post mourns her husband. “Tua Defender” will love her forever.

“Ple Hataya” Sarndan “Tua Saranyu” carries a picture to join the frame.

It was a great loss in the life of Ple – Hataya Wongkrachang After my beloved mother passed away peacefully In the last evening (March 2, 64), the famous actor posted a picture of the mother and wrote to mourn that

“Shock! When he received a call to the hospital urgently Last year.. lost my beloved Tua. Today I lost my dear mother that will never come back. We can’t go right, but this is the truth of life. I love you, I miss you with all my heart.With many industry insiders and fans to express their condolences.

Television station “PPTV” would like to express our condolences on this occasion.


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