Test: Charge Amps Aura – maxed charging box for two cars

This charging box differs from the crowd as it is equipped with dual connectors. The box is one of the prettiest we’ve seen, with a modern design and delicious lighting.

Rating 4 out of 5


Charge Amp’s double box has a boast factor, but if you have two electric cars at home, it is absolutely interesting. Even if you do not come close to the effect it boasts, it is above all nicer than two separate boxes.


  • Handsome
  • Double sockets
  • Good app
  • Prepared for V2G


  • Big and heavy
  • More expensive than two separate boxes
  • 4g only optional

On the inside, the Charge Amps Aura is industrial, which makes it easy to install with solid connections. The biggest problem we face is how solid and heavy (10 kg) it is when we attach it to the wall. In practical terms, it is important that you have a good free space at the car park, as it is significantly larger than most other charging boxes on the market.

Just because the manufacturer states 2 x 22kW as power does not mean that you can use it at home on the garage driveway. We think that in practice, your two electric cars will share
13.8 kW if you were to use 3 x 20A up to the box. If you want to cost your electricity subscription more than 25A, you can of course increase the effect on the charging box, but it will partly cost more, and partly require the cables into the house to fix this.

This is not to say that a double box is wrong. Thanks to the built-in load balancer between the sockets, the box itself can regulate how incoming power is distributed. When it comes to the box’s own load balancing, it supports wireless ones, which is good. Despite the large format, 230 volt sockets are missing, which we think would have been nice.

Test Charge Amps Aura

The Charge Amps app is simple and stylish. Here you can, among other things, schedule the charge and keep track of how much you have charged day by day. The box we are testing is connected with wifi, but there is also a 4g module as an option.

Test Charge Amps Aura

Despite the high price, you need an earth fault circuit breaker (type A) for the charging box. At the same time, the box is one of the few that is prepared for V2G (Vehicle to grid), which should be the next big thing in charging boxes for the home. How far it is, the possibility of refueling electricity from the car to the home, is difficult to say today.

M3 recommends

Fakta Charge Amps Aura 2×22 kW

Manufacturer: Charge Amps
Taken: SEK 17,695 at Elbilsvaruhuset.se (after deduction)
Maximum current and charging power: 2x22kW at 63 A / 3 phase (TN network)
Connection: Wifi, ethernet, 4g (tillval)
Rfid readers: Yes (two cards included)
Load balancer: Not included (built-in between sockets included), supports wireless load balancing
Protection class: IP55
Measure: 367 x 159 x 405 mm
Fixed cable on box: No

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