Tesla Presents Model Y and Cybertruck in the Latest PUBG Mobile Game

Liputan6.com, Jakarta – Manufacturer’s existence car United States of America, Tesla, not only targeting segments automotive or lifestyle only. However, recently the car brand belongs to Elon Musk also target circles gamers.

It can be enjoyed by players game PUBG Mobile, where they can taste electric car Tesla in the game. Not just driving, launch CNET, gamers can also activate the mode autopilot on the electric car.

In addition, on game latest PUBG Mobile This developer also features the Tesla Gigafactory factory. In game With this, players can also activate all the car assembly line switches in the factory to start building cars Tesla Model Y.

Presence of factory facilities Tesla inside game the middle one happening This is indeed one of Tesla’s strategies to attract more markets.

In the cooperation of the two companies, it is reported that Tesla build a factory within the Ranger territory.

The goal is for players to get a new experience in feeling the Tesla electric car virtually.

Reportedly, Tesla, not only presents one model at game that. In some searches, in addition to the Tesla Model Y, there is also the latest Tesla car, namely Cybertruck who joined mejeng game that.

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