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Tesla Faces 861,000 Crowns Fine for Neglecting Safety in Fremont Factory

Tesla faces a fine of 861,000 crowns for allegedly neglecting safety during quality control at the factory in Fremont. This led to the injury of one of the employees.

The Tesla factory in Fremont, California came under the scrutiny of the authorities after one of the factory’s employees suffered unspecified serious injuries in April of this year. The case is reported by Bloomberg, which obtained documents related to the case.

According to available information, the production line unexpectedly started up at the moment when employees were performing quality control and the line was about to stop, after which the doors of the Model Y closed with a crash into the structure at the edge of the line. This, if we understand the available information correctly, pinned the woman in the car and caused her injuries.

According to the California Office of Occupational Safety and Health, the problem was that Tesla did not ensure that the line could not run during quality control. For this, the automaker has to pay a fine of 18,000 dollars (408,000 crowns).

The agency accuses Tesla of three other misdemeanors – that it failed to provide an effective injury prevention program, for which it is to pay an additional $18,000, and two “general” misdemeanors at the Fremont factory; he inspected it in April and October and found, for example, that the floors were not free of things that workers could trip over. These offenses are to be punished by fines of one thousand dollars.

In total, it is 38 thousand dollars, i.e. approximately 861 thousand crowns. The carmaker appealed against the fine.

This is not the first time that the Fremont factory has come under the scrutiny of the authorities in a similar way. Last year, racism was rampant in it and the management of the car company was supposed to ignore its manifestations, and this year, the American Equal Employment Opportunity Commission took Tesla to court because it should have tolerated the bullying of black employees.

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