‘Tata’ revealed the picture with the face at the son’s birthday Told both tears of the year of great change

After ending the life of the singer. Tata Young With ex husband Dr. Chat Adul Recently on the birthday of the handsome son of the house Brother Rae They also act as parents for space-themed birthday parties. The father himself also Sir Fires Cake, a cartoon character that Nong Rae likes to make Nong Rae smile and be extremely happy, and Tata has also posted a birthday message for her son and revealed a moment in his life.

“Happy Birthday Ray! The Love I have for you is beyond understanding! Mommy wishes Pee a lot of happiness every day. Healthy body, strong, free from disease, there are only lovers, loving people, kind people, kind people, you always protect your children.
Over the years there have been many stories. There has been a big change in our lives. There has to be a lot to adjust, whether it’s outside the house or in our own home. Mom knows each of them is not easy for us. But Mommy is very proud that in A time when many things happen Rae is very positive. Handle everything better than expected, beyond age. Thank you Pee Rae for understanding. Mommy loves Mommy. I always let P’Re know that P’Re is the greatest encouragement in my mother’s life every day in every matter. P’Re, remember you, “You are the best thing that’s ever been mine and forever I will love you” ♥ ️ Love your child with all your heart Love Mommy #write to cry # 5 years old # Time flies so fast “

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