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Taliban Want To Implement Monarchy Until Vanuatu Is Afraid of Drowning

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

A number of world news enlivened international news in the last 24 hours.

One of them Taliban who would put on a system of monarchy or government in Afghanistan. Similarly, the story of a White House representative who said that war could re-occur between the US-Taliban if US troops were still in Afghanistan past August 31.

Anxious Vanuatu is sinking and urging the UN to immediately address climate change is also one of the many news stories.

Here’s an international flash on CNNIndonesia.com on Wednesday (29/9) morning:

The Taliban regime announced that it would temporarily implement a royal system in Afghanistan which was adopted from the 1964 constitution.

The Taliban regime’s Afghan justice minister, Mawlavi Abdul Hakim Sharaee, said the Taliban planned to introduce the constitution adopted by King Mohammad Zahir Shah with a number of amendments.

“The Republic of the Islamic Emirate (Afghanistan) will temporarily adopt the constitution of former King Mohammad Zahir Shah,” Sharaee said Friday.

2. White House: US-Taliban War If There Are Still Troops in Afghanistan

A White House representative said the United States could go to war with the Taliban if it left 2,500 troops in Afghanistan past the August 31 deadline.

“We are going to war with the Taliban,” said White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

Psaki made this statement after rumors emerged of disharmony between President Joe Biden and top US military officials.

This rumor circulated after two US generals stated that they had recommended that their country leave 2,500 troops to help the Afghan military against the Taliban.

3. Fearing Drowning, Vanuatu Urges UN to Tackle Climate Change

Vanuatu is urging the United Nations (UN) to seriously address climate change to protect the Pacific island nation from the threat of rising sea levels due to global warming.

Vanuatu’s Prime Minister, Bob Loughman, also urged the international community to do even more to tackle the climate change crisis and warned “many individualist countries are still ignoring its effects.”

“For us and other small island nations and developing countries our biggest major global threats are climate change, management of our oceans and of course the Covid-19 pandemic,” Loughman said in his speech at the 76th United Nations General Assembly on Sunday (26/26/2020). 9).


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