United States: nearly 600 United Airlines employees lose their jobs after refusing coronavirus vaccine

In the United States, 593 employees of the American airline United Airlines refused to undergo the vaccination against the coronavirus and lost their jobs.

Pread from 99% of employees of the American airline United Airlines who have not requested a medical or religious exemption from their employer in order not to be vaccinated, have received a vaccine against Covid-19. Of the entire staff, 593 refused to undergo vaccination and therefore lost their jobs.

The airline released data relating to the imposition of vaccination on his person on Tuesday, which day is the deadline imposed on employees to be vaccinated. “This is a historic achievement for our company and our employees, as well as our customers and the community we serve,” said Executive Director Scott Kirby and President Brett Hart in a statement to staff.

The deadline for compulsory vaccination was brought forward after six employees took legal action against the company, pointing out that it was not making arrangements for medical or religious exemptions.


United is the only major US airline that makes vaccination mandatory. Delta Air is forecasting a fee of $ 200 per month on behalf of employees who are not vaccinated as of November 1. The company says 82% of its staff are vaccinated.

The administration of US President Joe Biden is requiring companies with more than 100 employees to make vaccinations mandatory or conduct weekly tests, with fines of up to $ 14,000.



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