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Take a morning or evening shower: it doesn’t matter

Does it really make a difference whether you take a shower in the morning or in the evening? The answer is very clear: yes. The circulation, muscles and skin react to the shower very differently depending on the time of day. What type of shower are you?


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Those who like to take a hot and long shower will benefit from the shower in the evening. Because the hot water relaxes the muscles and lowers the blood pressure somewhat, as the vessels widen. As a result, you get tired faster and fall asleep better. This is particularly beneficial after a stressful day.

Candlelight in the bathroom promotes sleep

If you additionally dim the light in the bathroom or even take a shower by candlelight, you also support the body in the release of the sleep hormone melatonin. In addition, the evening shower is beneficial for those who find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning and always wait until the last minute. Because if you don’t have to take a shower in the morning, you can stay longer.

Dry skin? Take a lukewarm shower in the evening

Dry skin also benefits from the evening shower. The protective coat of the skin can regenerate more easily over night: it does not rub tight clothing on the body and personal hygiene also has enough time to soak in. Before going to bed, it is also the ideal time to shave legs, armpits, genital area or beard. By the next morning the skin has calmed down and redness has subsided.

Clean even without shower gel

In the case of very sensitive and dry skin, the best way to set the water temperature is lukewarm so that the skin is not subjected to additional strain. Sometimes you can even do without shower gel completely: “If you are only sweaty, but not dirty, you may also do without cleaning aids. The desired refreshment brings the shower anyway and the water has a rinsing effect,” says Dr. Ernst Tabori, Director of the German Advice Center for Hygiene (BZH). “Everyone has to decide for themselves whether it is sufficient for themselves. In any case, not using a shower gel does not make you ill.”

Those who prefer to stand under the shower with foam should, according to the hygiene expert, make sure to use mild products. “The fewer aggressive or irritating agents come to the skin, the less their natural function is impaired,” says Tabori.

Whoever sweats at night is best taken in the morning

Those who sweat a lot at night are better off with the morning shower. It rinses off the sweat and thus prevents odors. The shower in the morning is also an advantage for greasy hair. Nocturnal sebum and fat deposits are washed off the scalp and hair and the hairstyle does not look flat or streaky.

Shower in the morning and start the day refreshed

Even those who want to get their circulation going and gather energy for the day should take a shower in the morning. Then, however, slightly cooler water temperatures are recommended. They stimulate blood circulation and refresh the body and mind. And sometimes even the best ideas for the working day arise under the morning shower.

Showering: less is more

What time of day you benefit most from a shower is also a question of type. But no matter whether in the morning or in the evening: for most, daily showering is part of the wellness program. Some even shower twice a day. But you should only do this in exceptional cases so as not to dry out the skin too much. If the natural acid mantle is attacked, germs have an easier time. Dermatologists even advise that you only take a shower every two to three days to protect the skin.

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